“We are all now connected by the Internet, like neurons in a giant brain.”

-Stephen Hawking

Installation, integration, maintenance, troubleshooting, alarm resolution and decommission services for:

Microwave Networks
Wireless Carrier Networks
Obstruction Lighting
Small Cell Networks
Aerial and Rigging

Aerial access and rigging services up to 600′ for monopole, self support, guyed, rooftops, cell on wheels and commercial buildings and arenas.

Cell Site Specific Services

MDTS offers cell site specific services such as shelter and compound maintenance and repair, tower and foundation modification, snow removal and salting, DC power shelf upgrades and battery installation; as well as civil construction services, vegetation removal and maintenance.

Design, Installation, and Maintenance

MDTS can provide design, installation and maintenance services for VoIP phone networks, security and surveillance systems; additionally, network and server infrastructure.

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