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A privately owned telecommunications company servicing wireless carriers within the United States

Wireless communications technology is a fast-paced industry in which it’s essential that devices remain connected and operating efficiently at all times. At MDTS, we understand the needs of each client and manage all projects with a strategic approach to meet those needs. Our technology upgrade, repair and maintenance services keep you up and running—from planned upgrade installations to storm damage repairs. We specialize in mitigating problems before they occur and our crews are trained to think outside of the box when dealing with last minute site changes. The integrity, quality and consistency of our work guarantees that sites are built correctly the first time around. We specialize in working with guyed, monopole, stealth and self-supporting towers while adhering to a range of strict industry standards. To inquire about our construction, repair and maintenance services, please contact MDTS today.

Mission Statement

It is our goal to improve efficiency, precision and job knowledge daily.  We achieve our goals by approaching all situations with the appropriate attitude, exercising clear communication with those around us and consistently producing results that exceed our client’s expectations. At MDTS we grow, evolve and Move Daily Towards Success.